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SE+AM is for anyone curious about what actually moves us.

Be in the mystery of experience-first
somatic work.

If you believe that
your experience doesn’t always have to be translated into language in order to have value...

If you want to learn what patterns limit your ability to experience what's alive for you and become more deeply acquainted with the experience of aliveness itself…

This is for you.

The next Online Intro session is on June 11th.

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What would happen if…

You gave yourself time to really feel into how you automatically protect or connect?

You could uncouple feelings of potential threat from simply being who you are?

You were able to experience who someone was beyond job titles, names, or explanations?

Bodies First. Language Optional.

SE+AM is a dedicated time and place to deeply experience the automatic patterns of protection and connection within you.

There isn’t any prerequisite for being valued or valuing here. And there isn’t any explaining your value and worth to the people you’re around, or even to yourself. There is just you, being held and holding another in total positive regard.

If you’re curious what that’s like....

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About Class

$40 per participant
2 Hours per session
11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
Tue, Jun 11. 2024

What will the session be like?

In our 2 hour session, we will establish a structure and explain the concept of SE+AM, then you will move into the practice.  

Yes, we're going to talk about it a little bit, but mostly we're gonna do the thing. We'll create a container to sustain that nonverbal place of value before our usual desire to quickly try to identify and claim and limit it with language.

Being witnessed and witnessing someone all on its own removes so much conditioning, or at least brings our attention to our conditioning.

Give it a try.


There is a beauty to doing this work on Zoom

You’re not just meeting the person’s body, you’re meeting their physical space as well.

I feel like I have completely opened up new ways of being, and a big part of that was doing your SE+AM workshop on Zoom. I really found so much value in not having any kind of story about the person that I was witnessing. I was only learning about them through their movement and their environment and really thinking about how we're not separate from our environment, we are not distinctive entities.


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The next SE+AM intro session is June 11th.