Hi, I'm Weena

Hi ! I’m Weena.

My passion is that of the physical human body, how it works yes, but more so what works it. What shapes us, forms us and animates us into the unique creature we are.

My life has been about making direct contact with the internal, bodily-felt aliveness that moves us into being and guides our becoming.

Through that contact, a sensitivity develops towards our own moving aliveness and that unique aliveness within others. All of my work asks the question: what if we reclaimed our inherent value? What might that relcaimation shift in and through us? 

I’ve been working and playing in the worlds of dance, movement training, and somatic therapies in New York City for 24 years. Now I work with folks all over the world via the magic of zoom.

My guiding light is to value the interconnected reality of aliveness (and its absence in the tangible sense). I’m interested in what shifts our human-made systems toward that which protects, cares for and supports interdependence rather than systems that promote the mythology of individualism.

SE+AM is a body of work I've developed that is about making direct contact with your internal, bodily-felt aliveness. Through that contact, that aliveness within ourselves and others becomes a compass for our choices in our lives, relationships, and in the world.