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What is it?

ReConnect is where talk therapy, movement and bodywork meet.

What I Offer

Individual Sessions

Group Work


Virtual Sessions

Why ReConnect?

Finding the time and space to deeply check in and reconnect to what matters most in your life is not easy, but the reward is great. Engaged with life, authentic and connected in your relationships are a few of the effects of ReConnection.

What happens in a session?

Individual sessions are 50-120 minutes long. In each session there is body-focused awareness, dialogue, gentle movement and supportive contact. If you find yourself in a life transition, a time of personal discovery or in search of healing, individual sessions are ideal for you. If you’d like to learn more about the work I do and if it is a good fit for you, you can schedule a consultation through the “book a session” button above.

What is group work?

ReConnect groups meet weekly for 75 minutes for 6-8 weeks and are organized into two sections: guided movement explorations and group conversation about what we became aware of. This works great for new parent groups, educators, addiction/recovery support groups, LGBTQIA support groups and corporate embodiment trainings. Contact me if you’re interested in starting a group in your area or joining a scheduled one.

How does a virtual session work?

Virtual sessions are done via Zoom or Skype and are very similar to an in-person session. Virtual sessions become a wonderful option to reconnect when travel is difficult. If you are a new parent, have recently moved, are healing from illness or surgery or can’t find the extra time to commute, virtual sessions can be a lifeline to connection and healing.



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I have had such a sense of well being all evening. My breathing is so central to my body awareness. Combining that with a heightened awareness of “letting go” I was able to let the body just relax and be tuned into, and began to understand that one has the ability to simply let go - a very powerful experience.
— Phyllis, Mother and Grandmother
I want to say how talented I believe Weena is for this work: the way she hears and communicates, her guidance and intuition, the love and sensitivity and intelligence she brings to her work. And talk about Buddah compassion. She radiates it. What more could someone ask for in the person to whom they reveal even their child heart.
— Peter, CEO and father of three
The five-day workshop came at a time when I was experiencing health challenges. Even so, Weena was encouraging that I could do this and thoughtful with her interactions with me before we even met. I surprised myself by being able to participate with energy! The workshop enabled me to feel like myself during a vulnerable time. Weena is articulate and clear. Big recommendations for ReConnect!
— Carla, Visual artist


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